Athletic Injuries

Dr. Barnes attended Purdue University in West Lafayette where he obtained is athletic training and sports medicine degree. It was a great experience to work with high end athletes with traumatic, chronic, and over use injuries. The same principled used in a division one college training room can be used on the general public – with great success!

Dr. Barnes understands the demand placed on body when competing and pushing you body to the limit. The chiropractic and sports medicine combination offers athletes lots of options.

I am not a big fan of telling an athlete to stop practicing, competing, or working out. Unfortunately, certain injuries do require time off, but a good amount of injuries can be fixed without stopping your sport. Taking a medication and continuing to push through is a quick fix. I am not anti medicine and I understand the importance medication has in our lives. I do believe people abuse medications and don’t actually fix the problem, but rather cover it up. I have seen kids, teens, and adults abuse their body to the point of severe injury for competitions. People that expect a lot out of their body, through work or sports, should invest in treating the body to maintain proper function. I feel people watch athletes on TV and think they are special and never get injured. If anyone could see the amount of athletes in the training room after the games they would understand treating the body so it heals as quick as possible, so it recovers as quick as possible, is a huge part of the equation of getting to the top. Everyone fights injuries when competing at a high level, but not everyone fixes the problems.

Dr. Barnes has experience with all sports. The main purpose is to identify the problem, educate the patient why it happened, then treat the patient using the appropriate treatments. Treatment options include exercises, stretches, adjustments, laser, muscle releasing, and most importantly patient education.

If you have an injury, come to Barnes Chiropractic. Dr. Barnes will do his best to help you. If its outside the scope of what he can help, he will refer you to someone that can.

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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "I think Dr. Barnes and his staff were amazing. He helped me so much with my pain even after one visit I feel so much better. He was so gentle but so effective. I'm a new regular. He is a very nice caring man, and I think if you're looking for an awesome chiropractor, he's your guy."
    Taryn B.
  • "Best chiropractor that I have ever been to, really knew what he was talking about and doing."
    Chase H.
  • "I am about half way to my goal weight in just 3 months with Dr. Barnes weight loss program. He has it all planned out with what to eat, and a perfect exercise program for me. The staff are great too!"
    Jenn S.