“I provide the knowledge and tools to take your health to the next level, whether that is just to be pain free or striving for optimal health. My goal is to add years to your life and life to your years.”

We offer a wide range of services because every patient is unique. We offer everything from nutrition to active and passive care. We want to be the best conservative clinic around and in order to provide that service for our community we have to be well rounded and offer only the best.

Chiropractic services range from manual (diversified) adjustments and tool assisted adjustments. All patients are different and the specific type of adjustment they need will vary. Dr. Barnes is certified in multiple techniques, we are confident we can offer the type that will benefit you.

Spinal Decompression Therapy – Dr. Barnes has extensive training in spinal decompression therapy. Dr. Barnes has worked in multiple clinics prior to getting his chiropractic license that offered decompression therapy.

“A lot of clinics have decompression therapy but not everyone utilizes it correctly. A lot of people own a violin, but not everyone knows how to make classical music.”

Class IV Laser Therapy – is a great addition to any ones treatment plan that needs to heal quickly. The therapy is relaxing and relatively quick. This is the newest technology available on the market. Professional athletes have made class IV laser treatments popular because of there wide use in the NFL, NBA, MLB and olympics.

Natural Weight Loss Program – Dr. Barnes has been doing a weight loss program since 2011. Every year the program changes because of the new advancements in nutritional supplements. The supplements Dr. Barnes uses are all natural, safe, and most importantly effective. Many people struggle to lose weight and need a program to follow. Let Dr. Barnes be your coach and let him help you get your health and body back. It’s a 30 day program that doesn’t even include exercise! Set up a consult if you are interested to find out if it will work for you!

Nutrition & Supplements – Dr. Barnes offers only the high grade nutritional products. Take our health questionnaire to find out what type of supplements you would benefit most from.

Endonasal Treatments (sinus tx) – ask about how Dr. Barnes treats sinus troubles. We offer a great treatment for chronic and acute sinus problems. Helps with congestion, snoring, troubles breathing, and energy. The best part about our treatment is it works and its all natural!

Dr. Barnes uses a variety of options to get patients better but at the end of the day its all about YOU. We will do our best to create the treatment plan that makes YOU feel great! Don’t be afraid to call and ask – 574-295-9355

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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "I think Dr. Barnes and his staff were amazing. He helped me so much with my pain even after one visit I feel so much better. He was so gentle but so effective. I'm a new regular. He is a very nice caring man, and I think if you're looking for an awesome chiropractor, he's your guy."
    Taryn B.
  • "Best chiropractor that I have ever been to, really knew what he was talking about and doing."
    Chase H.
  • "I am about half way to my goal weight in just 3 months with Dr. Barnes weight loss program. He has it all planned out with what to eat, and a perfect exercise program for me. The staff are great too!"
    Jenn S.